Calling All 8th Grade Artists

This year the Scholastic Art competition deadline is much earlier than in the past. In order to give second semester eighth grade Art students the opportunity to enter the competition we are offering an “extra” Art project to eighth grade students who are taking Art second semester only. The project will be presented to a group of interested students. The project will then be completed by the students on their own time. There will be work sessions available during 8th grade lunch times in the Art room. Students may also come to the Art room before and after school, or opt to take their work home and complete it away from school.

Our deadline for artwork submissions will be the first week of December. Please let your art teacher know by Thursday, September 25, if you are interested in this “extra” project so that we will have enough time to complete quality artwork for the Scholastic Art competition.

Art Club, Grades 6–8

 Are you in 6th, 7th or 8th grade? Are you interested in joining Art Club? Our theme is ‘Recycled Art’ this year so come join the fun of turning discarded items into art! Our first meeting will be Tuesday, September 23rd after school. The registration form is attached below. Art Club fills up fast so bring in your form and fee as soon as possible.